Marseille, Luminy, France

International Combinatorics, Geometry and Computer Science Conference
2-4 Mai 2007

Full program information may be find here (updated on April 30 2007)

Liste of accepted talks
  • R. Agueda, "Trace polynomial for homotopy classes of simple closed curves on the twice punctured torus"
  • Ei. Bannai, "Cubature formulas in numerical analysis and tight Euclidean designs".
  • Et. Bannai, "Euclidean tight designs"
  • Y.Bouddabous, C. Delhommé, "k-reconstructible binary relations"
  • P. Cameron, "Permutation codes"
  • S. Caminiti, G. Fusco , R. Petreschi, "On Bijective k-Trees Encoding"
  • J. Carroll, "A New Proof of Pappus Theorem"
  • V. Chepoi , B Estellon, Y. Vaxes, " On covering planar graphs with a fixed number of balls problem with odd diameter constraints"
  • M. Dah, Y. Manoussakis "A game on graphs with attackers and defenders"
  • M.Deza, V.Grishukhin "Properties of a parallelotope equivalent to Voronoi's conjecture"
  • P.T. Do, V.Vajnovszki, "CAT generation of Dyck words and relatives"
  • R. Euler, "On the completability of incomplete latin squares"
  • K. Fukuda, "On the Complexity of Minkowski Sums of Polytopes"
  • J.C.Godin, "A new approach of the McDiarmid and Reed conjecture"
  • O. Hudry, "Extremal values of classic parameters in r-twin-free graphs".
  • Y. Itoh , " Problems on random sequential packing"
  • A. Ivanov, " A fresh look at the Griess algebra"
  • J. M. Jaam , " Can We Improve the Current Lower Bound of the Ramsey Number R(5,5) "
  • B.Jackson , T. Jordan, " The generic rank of body-bar-and-hinge frameworks"
  • F. Kardos, "Large Symmetries of Fulleroids"
  • Y.Kempner, V.E. Levit, "Poly-antimatroids as convexity structures"
  • A. Kramer, N. Zagaglia Salvi, "Particular cycles of the De Bruijn Digraph B(2,N) "
  • M. Liazi, I. Milis, F. Pascual and V. Zissimopoulos, "The denset k-subgraph problem on clique graphs"
  • H. Maehara, "On a sphere that passes through n lattice points"
  • A. Pasini, " Is there any shortcut to the graph isomorphism problem ? "
  • M. Pouzet, "The morphology of infinite tournaments. Application to the growth of their profile"
  • N. Singhi, "On semiadditive rings and projective planes"
  • S. Shpectorov, "Well-embeddable fullerene graphs"
  • P. Sole, " Skew hadamard designs and their codes"
  • R. Hajduk, F. Kardos , R. Sotak "On the azulenoids with large ring of 5-gons"
  • Dirk Oliver Theis "A global geometric approach to relaxations with application to the graphical relaxation of the symmetric traveling salesman polytope"
  • N. Thierry, "Some relational structures with polynomial growth and their associated age algebras"
  • V. Ustimenko, "On the extremal binary relation graphs of high girth and cryptographical algorithms"
  • I. Fanti, M. Poneti and V. Vajnovszki, " Generating involutions, Bell and Stirling permutations"
  • A. Vietri,  " Should we give up the Graceful tree Conjecture ? "
  • G. Wang, " Heterochromatic subgraphs in edge-colored graphs".
  • T. Wu, "The complexity of some problems for permutation groups".