Marseille, Luminy, France

International Combinatorics, Geometry and Computer Science Conference
2-4 Mai 2007


Invited lecturers

  • E. Bannai, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan, "Cubature formulas in numerical analysis and tight Euclidean designs"
  • R. Euler, University of Brest, France, "On the completability of incomplete latin squares"
  • P. Cameron, University of London, UK, "On permutation codes"
  • K. Fukuda, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland "On the Complexity of Minkowski Sums of Polytopes"
  • Y. Itoh, Institute of Statistical Mathematics, Tokyo, Japan, "Problems on random sequential packing"
  • A.A.Ivanov, Imperial College, London, UK, "A fresh look at the Griess algebra"
  • H. Maehara, Ryukyu University, Okinawa, Japan, "On a sphere that passes through n lattice points"
  • A. Pasini, University of Siena, italy, "Is there any shortcut to the graph isomorphism problem?"
  • M. Pouzet, University of Lyon, France "The morphology of infinite tournaments. Application to the growth of their profile"
  • S. Shpectorov, University of Birmingham, UK "Well-embeddable fullerene graphs"
  • N. Singhi, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India " On semiadditive rings and projective planes "
  • P. Sole, CNRS, Nice, France, "Skew hadamard designs and their codes"