Marseille, Luminy, France

International Combinatorics, Geometry and Computer Science Conference
2-4 Mai 2007


Purpose & Scope

The conference is organized in honor of Michel Deza who retired recently. Its purpose is to highlight the major theoretical advances in the field of Combinatorics, Geometry and Computer Science, the development of new tools, and the most significant of the new applications of the field  to problems arising in industry and business. It is open to  a broad range of topics dealing with mathematical structures and any topic establishing direct links between combinatorics and other branches of mathematics. The conference is also open to theories of discrete algorithmic computing with strong natural mathematical flavour. Despite its international following, will maintain the informality of a workshop-style meeting. Talks will be given by leading researchers from all over the world.


Talks are solicited in areas including:
  • Algebraic Combinatorics
  • Algorithms
  • Combinatorial and Discrete Geometry
  • Graphs and their Applications